Some After Season Works – April & May 2021

A few members have submitted some recent works for the pleasure of the members.

Horseman on the beach by Kimmer – Kimmer has a friend who’s artist daughter passed away recently. Her friend gave Kimmer all her daughter’s art supplies including unfinished works. The background of this acrylic piece was painted by the daughter and Kimmer finished it with this horse and rider. The story is incredibly moving and a tribute to the memory of the artist.
Poppies on Yupo – by Kimmer
Dior Poppy – by Terri
Painterly Highland Cow – by Terri
Scratch Art Zebra – by Terri
Yellow Rose – by Terri
S is for Serenity – by Lisa (for her Granddaughter, Serenity)
Zen Heart – by Lisa

Papier Mache Giraffe – by Elaine – her Facebook posts have a lot of cool and interesting projects!

Artichoke – by Lynn
Covid Clown – by Lynn
Horse and Rider – by Lynn
Mexican Dancers – by Lynn
Brenda’s Peacock – her favourite colours!
Elaine’s Blue Footed Booby – she also created a limerick:
A frisky young booby named Bailey
Waved his blue foot oh so gaily
The girls thought it was great,
He attracted a mate,
But he continued to show it off daily!
Lisa’s – N is for Nevaeh – a completion of a Zentangle series for her granddaughter’s walls


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