Last Meeting of the Season – March 29, 2021

Although we had a small group this year we still enjoyed meeting on Mondays at Creaciones for some open studio time, discussion about our projects and a good visit with each other. We have really appreciated Amy making her classroom at Creaciones available to us this season, it was a great place for our small group.

We would like to also congratulate to Christina Varga on her recent marriage! She and her husband looked so happy in their wedding photos.

Now that our meetings are over for this season please keep sending Terri your projects so that she can circulate them to the membership. This is important for all of us to keep us inspired and also help us remain a group, even if we aren’t together.

All the best over the summer and we will see you in the Fall. Hopefully we can return to regular meetings are our regular location and enjoy each others art in person!

Christina’s most recent Zentangle projects
Tika’s still life, working on shadow and perspective.
Great Parrot Tika!
Constance’s fishing village down at the Esterito during her Plein Aire group paint outs.
Terri’s Rose. Such great colour choices in the flower. Can’t wait to see how she completes the background and foliage.
Lisa did another mosaic dolphin for the Seguro y Sana project.
A couple of recent Zentangles by Lisa – these are destined for her granddaughter’s wall.



  1. Wow!! You guys did a great job, sorry I missed it. See you in January 2022. Cheers, Carollyne

    *Carollyne Haynes* *250-752-1804* *Author of ‘Raised by Committee’* *& ‘A Matter of Issue’* * *


  2. Awesome job lisa, great summation of a special season that we could not have pulled off without your much appreciated contribution!
    Many thanks to you all.


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