2015-2016 Season

We are off to a good start.  We have lots of new people interested in the group and our activities.  This week we have a workshop run by Carman Acosta, a well known artist from Guaymas.  She takes you at whatever level you are and turns you into an artist.  Stop by the class at Tecalai Clubhouse if you have a chance to see what is going on.


Our next art show will be at the Rescate Bazaar to be held February 20th starting at 9am until 2 pm at Seascape Mall  which is just as you enter San Carlos from Guaymas.  We support Rescate with our art sales as well as our raffle held that day.  It is a great opportunity for the community to come together to see their friends as well as keep the door open for our local emergency medical needs.

This month one of our members will be having an art show at the Galleria on Belltronas.  It will be February 25th from 4-7.  Her name is June Davis and she is a great water colorist.  She has taught us several classes in watercolor. Come and see for yourself what a great artist she is.





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