Jennifer Bowmans Workshop

Hello to all the San Carlos Painters. I am coming down your way in January to teach another 3-day class at the Yacht Club. The workshop dates are Jan 27th-29th 2016,  9-3 each day.

The price for the workshop is $165.  $60 each each day if you can only make it a couple of times.

 A supply list is available and you can down load it from my website

I can bring down a “Stay-wet” pallet with me for you to borrow.  If you need paint, Then the Cost would be $30 for the 3 days.


This class is aimed at the beginning to intermediate student. For my advanced students, I will provide one-on-one personnel attention to help you with your project.  It is my desire to create a positive and joyful atmosphere that nourishes the development of each artist’s special talents and perceptions.  I will begin each day with a demonstration.  In my class, we will explore color, value, composition and light. Using each of these elements we will sculpt three-dimensional elements using two-dimensional form.

KC is collecting monies if you are already down there.  Her email is attached. Please let her know if you are think about taking the class (Or if you know of anyone who might want to take it). We need to know how many are coming before we cut off attendance.
Jennifer Bowman



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