March 6, 2023 – Jellyfish Acrylic Pour with Mindy

After a brief business meeting to discuss the Art Show this weekend (March 11th), Mindy guided us through using a few techniques to create a Jellyfish. We started off with white and gray to make a marbled background and then used 3 or more colours and dragged bathtub chain to make wispy tentacles, then for the body we put some of our colours in an arch around the top with extra white and we blew using straws to create a different marbled effect and finally we used yarn and dragged tiny tentacles / wisps out of the body at the top. Some great results, see for yourself!

A few of Mindy’s lazy susans and cutting boards, and her Jellyfish!

The two photos on the right above was a “smash” technique that Mindy showed on Jan’s piece that she wasn’t super thrilled with. You lay plastic (in this case a piece of cheap shower curtain) over it, smooth out air bubbles with a gentle hand and then pull it off using the corners and it blends the colours to create a whole different piece! The next few photos are of that as well.


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