KC Jones – Part 1 – Subject, Composition and Values

Today was part one of two days that KC will be spending with us. Today’s session included her presentation about by we chose a certain subject to paint; then on to how to take your photo / drawing and scale it to your canvas, keeping in mind composition and rules of third’s dividing up your canvas to ensure that the eye travels your entire work; and also working on the idea of thirds relating to values, 1/3 each lights, mediums and darks.

KC used a few of her own works to demonstrate how to evoke the emotion and interest for the viewer.

We then worked on drawing out our projects and incorporating what was presented to try to capture our subject while ensuring that we worked on composition rules to bring the viewer’s eye and keep them engaged.

KC will return in two weeks to guide us as we work on painting our projects.

Sorry, middle photo is a bit blurry…KC talking about drawing your eye to the primary focus and how to draw your viewer’s eye through the piece.

Using the red filter to assist with values, then working on our drawings.

Ray also brought in a finished collage piece for us to see:


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