Drawing Exercises with Ray

February 6, 2023

Ray tried to get us to “loosen up” with gesture drawing exercises for various lengths of time.  Many for which she modeled, and some were modeled by a couple members.  30 seconds, 60 seconds 5 minutes !   Stressing the need to focus on shapes.

Some of us got a bit detailed at first, but I think we loosened up over time.   For the last exercise, Ray had each of us draw our non-dominant hand. Honestly, she was very pleased with those.    An excellent teacher who always makes learning fun. Thanks, Ray!   

A couple photos of Kimmer’s new “pelican” zentangle line of cards, and a pastel of boats which she did (much dreaded!) en plein air.  I think we can agree, Kimmer has successfully ‘slain THAT dragon!”  

See too, photo of a piece from newly returned member, Anne Latham. Ever the gentle touch watercolor, lovely. Welcome back, Anne! (Anne’s piece is the one on the right with blue painter’s tape)


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