January 17 – Show Debrief and Open Studio

Our regular Monday meeting was well attended and we discussed how the show went on the weekend. We decided that we had about half the number of visitors than usual and chalk it up to Covid and some advertising issues.

Mindy brought in some samples of her acrylic pours, and we are going to have a session with her at our next meeting, January 24. Looking forward to getting messy and seeing what reveals itself in our pours!

Kimmer brought in a painting she recently finished for her own decor.
tiles that Kimmer did in a recent Acrylic Pour class that Mindy taught at Creaciones
Elaine’s Bull Dog Buddha, which she is donating to SPBA luncheon as a raffle / auction item.
Carollyn’s lovely Lillies. We miss all our Art League Members that haven’t come down this season. But love seeing that our friends are still being creative! She is also a published author, so talented!

One comment

  1. Miss you guys, Terri, and really look forward to being there around February 18 +/- depending on the drive down. Cheers, Carollyne

    *Carollyne Haynes* *250-954-7668 [cell]* *Author of ‘Raised by Committee’* *& ‘A Matter of Issue’* *www.carollynehaynes.com *


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