Lisa’s One Stroke Class

Monday December 17, 2018

For those of you interested in participating in the One Stroke Painting, you’ll need to have the following supplies with you as per Lisa:

Required supplies:

1″ & #12 flat brushes – preferably synthetic and still has a really good square edge
Script liner brush – something that can be used for acrylic paint
Another fine brush and a really small (#8 or #10) flat brush
These brushes don’t need to be new, but they need to be in good shape (no paint stuck down in the ferrule) so that the results will be better. The suggested brush type is Golden Taklon, but similar synthetic material is good.

If you want/need to buy brushes, they are relatively inexpensive, I’d recommend this package which will be a great start: (approx $17 US) or (Approx $25 US) or a smaller starter set: (approx $12 US) or Pkg/140957488
If you can’t find these specific brush sets, you can get singles of a comparable type (something similar to Golden Taklon) at your favourite art place. I’ve bought from Michaels and WalMart in the past, so you can start there for these specific brush sets. I’m sure Dick Blick and Cheap Joes will have similar products.

Optional supplies:

Scruffy brush (they are short somewhat stiff bristled that you pounce with – you could use a stencil pouncing brush instead if you have one)
Also, if you are interested in further exploration, you could purchase a bottle of Folk Art Floating Medium (I will have some available, but if you want some to take home to play with):
If you want to buy paint, this is a good starter set for colours: Pack-by-Plaid-Festival-2-oz/52620447
If you want to just buy a few colours: school bus yellow, thicket (green), buttercream or sunflower yellow, wicker white, black (licorice), berry wine – these colours will make it possible for you to create a finished rose design. These are FolkArt brand colours, they are a little thicker than apple barrel or other craft paints so work well for this process.

I will have lots of paint, so its not necesssary to buy anything special, unless you are really interested in the process. I will also bring foam plates, teaching templates, clear plastic for practicing strokes and bristol board for practicing and maybe your first project.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to email me:

See you all soon!


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