End of Season March 26, 2018

Last Monday’s meeting, we took care of some needed “housekeeping”, showed off our “fabric art”, and then enjoyed a quiet open studio.

Housekeeping: –our last meeting for this season will be 26 March. that is the beginning of Semana Santa, but I think we will be able to squeeze in one last morning of art. — We have some money in our cash box so we will be able to increase our donation to the SBPA for the calendar in which they advertise our art league and it’s events. I think we might be able to contribute to another charity, and would like to know your thoughts as to which one. please rsvp. —

Lisa Button-Rowe will be cross-training with Janet Beaty on managing the art league website: https://laligadearte.com currently on the site are pictures of the mideastern art demo by Ray Mahoney. Keep checking back to our site, “follow” it, and contribute to it.

Suggestions for next season:

  • Add the league url to our “painting rocks” project providing more exposure/interest. —
  • Keep a folder/notebook with the notes and instructions provided to us by the people that have given us demos. not sure if I have them all, but I will try to put something together. —
  • Send out an e-mail as we near the beginning of next season requesting ideas and/or volunteers for demos and having them provide me with a list of supplies we might need to pick up before we cross the border which i would publish to the group.
  • Lisa has already indicated that she would be willing to do one on “one-stroke” painting.
  • Perhaps Ray would be able to do a scratch art demo next season, for which we could buy supplies in advance also.
  • I have chosen 19 & 20 January 2019 for our Tecalai show and will provide that information for the SBPA calendar.

Let me take this opportunity to thank Brenda Deleau for coming in early every Monday morning to set up hospitality with coffee, tea, goodies. also handling the ‘fiduciary’ part of the club including the membership, I could never do this without her assistance. A thank you also to Lisa Rowe because I can always count on her (and Todd) to step up to help us wherever needed.

Hopefully, I’ve touched on all the subjects we discussed. I count on you all to keep me straight on these matters. thank you for a great 2017-2018 Season.



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