Last Meeting of the Season – March 27, 2023

Today we wrapped up our season with a review of our sessions, shows and planning for the 2023-2024 season.

We chose four worthy charities to donate to with the surplus in our coffers and made plans for our January and March shows.

Terri will be requesting January 20 & 21, 2024 and March 16, 2024 for our shows at Tecalai. We also discussed trying to do some more marketing through radio and the newspapers in Guaymas to try to bring in more people to see our work.

This summer we were all tasked with doing a piece after a Master / Famous Artist and bringing it back in the Fall. We think we’ll probably have a separate area at the January show to showcase these projects with a photo of the original, some printed history and our project. It will be very interesting to see what everyone comes back with!

A few of us brought in our collage pieces “a la Ray” style, shown left to right, then down: Terri, Brenda, Lisa, Ray, Kimmer and Amy’s results:

We also had a few other pieces that some members brought in:

Ray brought a drawing done in grease pencil that she wanted advice about regarding whether she should add colour or not, which led to a discussion of using an app like qnapaint or waterlogue to digitally add colour to see if it would work.

Kimmer brought in her latest work of a Frida-esque revolutionary woman for critique and she got some great input, but also wow on the piece as is!

Elaine wasn’t able to come to last week’s meeting, but she also did her take on this style of collage and brought those in this week, two totally different personalities in these pieces!

Terri also brought in the pig she’s been working on as she removed the frisket and talked a bit about how crazy using the raw canvas with watercolors was making her.

All great results!

Over the summer send Terri your latest projects, we like to try to keep the website current with what you are all working on over the summer!

A special thanks to Terri for her leadership and planning; Brenda for making sure we have refreshments and for taking care of our finances; Lisa for her weekly treats, website, and help with whatever needs to be done; and to all the Members that pitch in when we need help! Finally, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the help of our spouses to help with show set up and take down, your critical eye, emotional support and forkeeping us motivated!

Wishing everyone a great summer and look forward to all our Art League friends coming back in the Fall. We will start our regular sessions again likely the first Monday of December, 2023. See you then!


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