March 13, 2023 – Art Show Debrief and some Playtime

Today we debriefed about the show over the weekend. We had about the same visitation as we did last March and our sales were as good as last year as well. Brenda also went through the exercise of looking to see what our past January shows have done for attendance and proceeds. We will have a nice little nest egg to make donations at the end of the Month!

Thank you to all the people that participated in the show, the husbands that schlepped easels, chairs, tables, ping pong table, etc. in and out for us on Friday night and then again after the show on Saturday! We couldn’t do this without your help! Love, your wives!

We didn’t have much planned today but many of us brought in an item for show and share, some for critique, some for advice, and some for fun!

Three watercolours that Olivia brought in. Yes, our sunsets really do get that pink!

A work in progress by Marilyn, her first try with Acrylic paint as opposed to her oils! We discussed value (which is great by the way, good proportion of light, med and darks) and how to bring the background lemons into shape and texture to the mountain behind the focal lemon. Great work Marilyn!

This is Chica by Terri, sorry, a little blurry… Terri brought this in so Shirley could help with some glazing to add depth, as we’d all chatted about this process during the Show this weekend. Later on in the meeting Shirley did a little impromptu demo on how to use glazing medium and a small amount of paint (80% medium to 20% paint) and that you needed to use a transparent or semi-transparent paint for glazing. On Chica Shirley demonstrated how to use a Magenta glaze in the dark ear and nose, and scruff to add depth to the shadows and how to use a light yellow glaze in the pure white to give it dimension and enhance the bright edge. The camera doesn’t do the subtle additions justice.

Elaine brought in her Blue Footed Boobie, he’s such a character! She used a wire armature, aluminum foil, papier mache, air dry clay and other materials to create him. She’s agreed to do another project on this medium with us next season!

Jellyfish that Lisa did in last week’s acrylic pour with Mindy. She felt it needed some definition and it was agreed that some non-solid black lining around the body and some tentacles would help. This was such a fun class!

Shirley doing her impromptu glazing demo, and did a sample board to show how the various colours she had out worked overtop of the other colours to enhance and make things pop or blend or shade, depending on the need. Thanks for showing us this little tidbit! It will come in handy for many of us in the future!

Next week Ray is going to do her style of collage with us, which will be a great time!


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