Gelli Plate Demo with Shirley

Today Shirley Trites did a demonstration of printing with the Gelli Plate (Gel Plate) technique. She showed us basic application of paint, prints, ghost prints, using stencil or stamps to add texture and interest and the paper products you can use for this technique. She also showed use of botanicals (leaves and flowers) and the interesting textures you can achieve with those. Finally she showed us using a transfer from a magazine. Unfortunately only one of the half a dozen pages worked, but the one that worked was so exciting to see how a print from a magazine could be used to create a print! Wonderful session and we all really enjoyed the results. Thanks again Shirley!

Not Gelli Plate but a few people brought their collage in from the session with Constance. Back row left to right by: Constance, Kimmer, Mindy, front row left to right by: Lisa and Shirley (which she used some Gelli Plate prints in her work!).

Shirley demonstrating the Gelli Plate technique.

Samples of prints that Shirley made during her demonstration. Some were stencils, stamps and florals. Pretty much anything you can think of for a stencil or stamp works! The one with the evenly spaced round bubbles was made using a rubber drainage mat you put in your sink!

This is the only transfer that worked from a magazine page. Shirley tried from the same magazine using the exact same paint and they wouldn’t work. But this one turned out great!

Looking forward to everyone coming to the Art Show on Saturday and Sunday (Jan 14 & 15)!


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