Dec 12, 2022 Meeting – Barb Strelke

The meeting started off with some discussion about upcoming sessions. Constance provided us with a short list of items that we could collect and bring for the Collage with Constance session being held next Monday (Dec 19th).

Then we had Barb Strelke come in and give us a presentation regarding Abstract art. Barb spoke about using the Color Wheel to choose complementary colors for your pieces, as well as a tri and other color schemes. She outlined a “grocery list” of three items that you need to follow when painting your piece. 1. is the color scheme (color wheel); 2. is the composition; and 3. is ______, (I forget and why you need to write a “grocery list”! Terri will help with adding #3).

Barb brought a few examples of her Abstract works and discussed her process for each of them.

This presentation generated some good questions and remarks and we really appreciated Barb taking the time to visit us since she’s so busy getting ready to move back to the States. Many thanks to Barb for her time and perspective!

We also had some show and share. Lynn has really embraced Acrylic Pours and brought in a couple items to show us:


One comment

  1. Great Lisa ! Thank you. So the composition #2 included deciding the focal point, what shapes to use etc. AND the elusive #3 : deciding what tool to use to apply the paint. pallet knife, one’s hands, credit card, rag. etc. Barb also recommended doing warm up exercises prior to beginning.


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