Summer 2022 Art Blog

We had a great season this year and it was bittersweet when we all had to depart for our other homes for the season. Art League will start up again in December after we have enough members back to meet.

We will continue to post photos that members submit of their works over the summer. So check in once in a while to see what we’ve been up to!

Here are two new endeavors by member Kimmer Jepson.  Kimmer has made these two beautiful mosaics which will grace tables on her porch at her new home in San Carlos.  she and husband peter are in the process of renovating a beautiful home in the Ranchitos.  

There is nothing Kimmer cannot do once she sets her mind to it!

enjoy these lovely pieces of art…….

Some June pieces of art to share.

Elaine calls this ‘pollinator week!’ it is a delightful 8×8 acrylic on wood cradled panel

Some work by Sam a 10 year old boy that has autistic tendencies. Wonderful to see younger people enjoying Art!

In July we had a few more photos of works submitted by members, all of them commissions for friends or neighbours. We’re sure you’ll enjoy them!

Colleen recently completed a commission.  You Can just see her enjoying the heck out of painting it! 
Terri painted a teal and purple abstract floral for a friend as a housewarming gift!
A loon by Peni in Watercolour- amazing detail!
Loon with Babies – by Peni in Watercolour – wonderful patience Peni!
Peni has been hard at work! Amazing detail on this Steelhead Salmon
Another Peni watercolour – looks like a photograph!

Kimmer’s latest Mosaic Project. She describes it as: “an antique window that I just finished for my neighbor who has been gifting me with amazing antique northern NM blankets and pieces of art. I’m so happy with how it turned out, as it just radiates color and light from both sides. Peter is busy welding hanging brackets for it and then we will hang it on their patio”.
Even the back looks awesome!


  1. Thanks, Lisa for posting this. Many members reply to my emails with great comments, but the artist doesn’t see them unless I then forward to her! Members: This would be a great place to post your responses, the artist would get immediate feedback!


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