March 7, 2022 – Prep for Show; Collage Review and Open Studio

Today we went over a few items to prepare for the show this weekend (March 12th) so everyone participating knew how to price their stuff, prepare tags, etc.

We also got to see a few collage projects from last week with a few more added touches. Turned out great!

Collaqge by Colleen!
Wave Acrylic Pour by Claudia – class at Creaciones – love the purple and teals!
Pastel of a friend’s dog by Claudia
Brenda’s Collage – turned out great – gotta love Brenda’s colours!
Terri’s Collage – she added some more to soften some hard lines – turned out great!
Peni brought a few new creations. The dolphin is coloured pencil and the others are gel paint pens! Awesome!
Peni did a “coral reef” instead of a wave in the Wave Acrylic Pour class!
Lisa finished her underwater scene – come see it at the Show on March 12th!
Lisa’s Sunflower Heart in tribute to Ukraine.

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