February 7 Meeting

We had a smaller group for our meeting this week. We did discuss upcoming sessions and who would be attending them, and talked about who was going to show at the March 12 one-day show at Tecalai. Looked at a few videos of acrylic pours because they are still fresh in our minds after Mindy’s session a couple weeks ago. Including this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seAWXzokSyA&vl=en We all find we end up down the rabbit hole when we start watching these videos, they just draw you in!

Class broke up fairly early, although we did have a chance to talk briefly with one of our members who we haven’t seen yet this season, Olivia, a long-time member who is from Guaymas and joint Art League when she was in her 20’s. She had the day off from work due to Constitution Day so she’d stopped in just as we were closing up. Another member also stopped by as she’d repaired one of the Seguro y Sana dolphins that a Tecalai resident had purchased.

Colleen also brought in a few of the multi media projects she’s been working on using collage and stencils to create some great pieces. Have a look!

Jellyfish Zentangle by Lisa

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