Walk for Life Opportunity for us

This would be a fun Monday class activity. Just wanted to get everyones opinion. Or it could be done in small groups as well. Beth Penny is trying to get the word out to all artists. The following is from an email from Beth:

That time of year is here where the “Walk for Life” fundraiser is putting feelers out to the artists for support.

I have an idea to put forward, that will involve each group or gathering of artists to create an occasion to possibly do a joint painting to offer for the raffle. The name of the group and their participants needs to be submitted on the back of the art (Contact info too), to raffle, along with a low starting bid next to a more true value of the art. What fun to see what comes of it!

This means that a person in each group could take the initiative to create that possibility. The Plein Air painters for instance, will come to my place for either a spray art or poured art session and possible do a large canvas for the fundraiser with us all contributing to it. 

This is one example but I am going to ask for your feedback and hope that it can inspire more offerings from individual art classes or groups from San Carlos. Of course individuals can donate a piece of art as well, we welcome all submissions. 

Thanks for considering this. The deadline would be February 5th for delivery to my place at 474 Avenue E in the Ranchito’s. E-mail me with some thoughts and ideas. Please pass this forward…

Thanks from Beth Penny  226-0551


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