Oscar’s class 2017

A workshop was held on Monday  with Oscar our resident acrylic mural artist.  Almost every year he teaches both beginners and advanced students his method of  painting in acrylics.  He uses only 5 colors and not so fancy brushes.  The colors are the basic primaries, red, yellow and blue plus white and black. From these you can create almost any color imaginable. We had fun mixing our colors to match and duplicating his painting while learning the basic skills in painting a beautiful picture of a sunset on the Tetas. 



  1. Great to see Oscar is still teaching for La Liga de Arte! You girls look wonderful and I encourage everyone to keep painting. I miss you but am very happy in snowy Colorado; not as much snow at our metro-Denver house. The ranch is snowed in as usual! Our house in San Carlos if you know anyone wanting a small yard on the golf course.

    I am still taking watercolor classes with Sharon Krohn and another group of fantastic women in the area.


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