Collage Ray style – March 20, 2023

Today we spent the morning cutting bits of paper and tissue to make quite realistic collages. It was deadly quiet in the room a lot of the time, quite a feat when you have that many women in the room! Below are the results of the morning’s work. Thanks to Ray for offering guidance and encouragement on our projects. This is such a great group to be a part of, we all work together so well!

The photo with the pig, lemons and the glass were pieces that came in for “show and share”. Last week Marilyn had brought her lemons in for some advice, and it turned out so great! Terri’s piggie is so cute (although watercolor on canvas apparently makes her crazy!) And the spinner is one of LIsa’s more recent projects.


One comment

  1. This is Lisa’s Mum. I so enjoy the posts and wanted to comment on this one because it looks like great fun.! I took a sewing class in Mazatlán where you use fabric instead of paper to tell a story.
    A little more intense than with paper since you end up sewing your pieces onto a back ground cloth. All the same principal. Always enjoy viewing everyone’s projects each week.


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